The Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools is the umbrella organization for funded, non-profit independent schools in the Province of Manitoba. It represents schools who serve those families in Manitoba that support parental choice and excellence in education. Member schools reflect the diversity of the Manitoba population: Catholic, Mennonite, Canadian Reformed, Anglican, Baptist, Islamic, Jewish, Lutheran, Seventh – Day Adventist, Sikh, Christian non-denominational and non-faith based, as well as serving many ethnic communities.

Choosing the right school for your children is no easy task, but it could be the most important decision you make this year! The Manitoba Federation of Independent Schools can help! MFIS represents 50 independent schools reflecting the diversity of the Manitoba population. Click Here to find the independent schools and explore open houses in your neighbourhood. When you enroll your child in an independent school, they join 14,000 other Manitoban children whose families support Parental Choice, Diversity, and Excellence!


2021 Annual General Meeting

October 14 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

Executive Director’s Message

Welcome Back! Our member schools are ready to educate our children during this school year full of challenges and uncertainties.

Thank you to parents and guardians for their confidence in and exercising to choose our schools for their children.

Our school leaders have worked diligently and tirelessly to ensure that our children are safe in their respective learning environments. Their dedication and efforts are commendable. Our students and families are well-served by all who work in our schools. Thank you!

MFIS is actively involved in the planning and adjusting the school plans with the Government since the start of the pandemic. We are pleased to be working with other stakeholders as an essential education partner to represent our member schools.

I wish everyone a meaningful learning year during this ambivalent time!

All the best,

Teresita Chiarella, B.A., M.Ed.


To support and encourage high educational standards and the values unique to our various school communities and to represent the interest and concerns of independent schools in Manitoba.

  • Represent its members at all levels of government

  • Strengthen the educational mosaic in Manitoba

  • Encourage cooperation among its schools, together with related educational institutions, organizations, and departments

  • Support its member schools in meeting approved Provincial regulations and mandates

  • Promote the place and responsibility of independent schools in our pluralistic society

  • Respect the diverse heritage, culture and faith of member schools

  • Foster the pursuit of high moral and academic standards of member schools