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International Friendship Month


February is the month of international friendship month. This is the time to make friends and live with your friends so that your friends will never feel left out and embarrassed. We all know, friends are integral part of our daily lives and it's almost impossible to imagine a day without our friends. We live, study and roam around with our group of friends in day to day life.

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Louis Riel Day


MFIS Office will be closed on Monday, February 18th.    Did you know? As the Métis leader of the Red River Resistance of 1869-70, Louis Riel was instrumental in drafting the List of Rights that formed the basis of the Manitoba Act, passed by the Parliament of Canada in the spring of 1870, which brought the new province of Manitoba into Confederation. Louis Riel was the driving force behind Manitoba becoming Canada’s fifth province. His dream of a province that embraces all cultures is still shared by Manitobans today. Origin of the holiday's name In 2008, Manitoba schools were invited to name our [...]

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Christ The King Students participate in out of this world conference


Christ the King School - On October 4, the Grade 6-8 students had an amazing opportunity to participate in a video conference with Canadian astronaut David Saint-Jacques. We were one of five schools in Canada that took part and only one of two elementary schools with the others being high schools. The event was live streamed on the Canadian Space Agency You Tube channel and can be viewed as a past live stream video. The link to it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ktR3eZ6GdY

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